Getting Middle School Homework Done Quickly: Tips & Tricks

When you come home you want to do your homework as quickly as possible and have quality time with friends or do your own thing. Here are some tips to help you cope with all assignments fast and without a hitch.

  1. Make sure you totally understood the assignment in class. Always write it down in your notebook or a planner noting the due dates. By doing this you’ll be able to give priority to urgent tasks and postpone not-for-tomorrow assignments. Don’t hesitate to ask your teacher during a lesson to clarify some points in order not to sit and make guesses what you’re supposed to do with a particular task.

  2. You can tackle some tasks during your breaks or free minutes at school so that when you come home you have a part of your homework done. If you think your classroom is too noisy during the breaks you can work in a study hall.

  3. Before you get to work organize your work place. Put your pens, markers, calculator, and other supplies into a basket so you don’t have to open your bag every time you need some of them. Also check the lighting that should be sufficient for your sight not to strain. Otherwise, your eyes will get tired and you’ll have to put more effort doing the assignments.

  4. Let your parents and siblings know that you’ll be busy the next couple of hours and ask them to give you some privacy.

  5. Eliminate all possible distractions. Turn off your cell phone or enable the mute mode on it. If you don’t need your laptop or PC for work switch them off too.

  6. Make up a list of assignments; write next to them an approximate amount of time for their accomplishment. Do the hardest tasks first as you have more energy at the beginning. However, if you can’t get focused on work, do a couple of easy tasks to warm up.

  7. When you decide how much time you can dedicate to each task, start a timer. Periodically looking at it you’ll keep yourself in tone and won’t let yourself get distracted.

  8. Don’t put off your work till the late evening and try to do your homework right after getting home and having a meal. If you procrastinate, later it will be much harder to stay intellectually active and focused.

  9. Have a snack while completing tasks. Some chocolate or an apple will add you more energy and improve your concentration.

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