Help Me Do My Homework: 9 Solutions For Lazy Students

There can be dozens of reasons why it’s so hard to get motivated to do homework when you are overcome with laziness. Most students only like to get fired up about doing things they like – be it playing video games, playing sports, going shopping, etc. Unfortunately, homework rarely gets anyone fired up and the result is that assignments aren’t completed and grades go down. Here are nine solutions for lazy students:

  1. Try to understand why you aren’t motivated
  2. It’s going to be hard to defeat laziness without first knowing what it is that prevents you from getting motivated. Take a few minutes to create a list of the things that get in the way and it will be easier to concur laziness.

  3. Consider emotional factors that get in the way
  4. Sometimes it’s a combination of laziness with something else that prevents you from getting started on your work. Emotional factors can be very distracting. Make a list of what might be going on and work towards self-improvement.

  5. Remind yourself that homework isn’t everything
  6. Homework does count for an important part of your grade; however, it’s not everything. And as such you don’t need to get overstressed about individual tasks. If you fall behind on a few assignments keep calm and discuss your troubles with your instructor.

  7. Get your assignment prepared and organized
  8. Sometimes it’s just too hard to get started when you don’t get your assignment prepared and organized beforehand. Take out your materials and set up your workspace, the better off you are to start the more likely you will.

  9. Consider the consequences of not doing homework
  10. If you are planning to procrastinate by going out or doing something with your friends, consider that consequences of not completing your tasks by the end of the night. Taking a short time to brainstorm and go over a list of consequences should help you figure out priorities and get you on the right path.

  11. Get started and reward yourself after tasks
  12. Don’t delay. Get started on your assignment as early as possible then reward yourself for completing tasks. The reward system is a great way to motivate yourself to move through your work quickly and efficiently.

  13. Turn off your electronic distractions
  14. Most students aren’t able to get any work done when they leave their computers, laptops, cell phones or televisions on while they start their homework. Some people can get their tasks accomplished with some light music. Figure out what works for you and stick to your plan.

  15. Don’t get overwhelmed or pressure yourself
  16. If you forget assignments in school or can’t make sense of your notes don’t overwhelm or pressure yourself. Nobody is perfect. Getting yourself stressed out will only work against you and keep you from getting to whatever work you can complete.

  17. Sit back and get comfortable
  18. One of the best ways of learning is to fail. This doesn’t mean failing the whole class, but on occasion an assignment that doesn’t earn high marks may work to motivate you to get work harder. Don’t let failure get you down; use it to fuel your motivation.

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