A Quick Overview Of The History Of School Homework

Homework is a controversial subject, so you have to be extremely balanced when you write about it. Indeed, many professors insist that homework is beneficial for students, while students say that it is only causing problems. What is the reality? Well, no one knows exactly; the only thing that you can do is to get informed and to read different perspectives. Knowing the history of it would be a great thing, so take a look at these facts:

  • Since the beginning there were home assignments. You probably imagine that a few hundred years ago students did not have to complete assignments. That’s wrong! As a matter of fact, they were spending very short time with their professors. Since there were no schools (at least not like nowadays) students had to study on their own for years until they would find a good professor.

  • Only good students would receive assignments. In Ancient Greek there were several philosophy and arts schools, but not many students had the chance to go. Also, the professors would only give assignments for the students that seemed brilliant; they were not having time and resources to help every single student.

  • It was not obligatory, but all students were making it. School was considered a real privilege and it was really expensive, therefore only a few people could afford to go to school. Professors did not give obligatory assignments, but failing to complete an optional one could make you out of school.

  • It was (and still is) considered the best way to study. Let’s be realistic, when you are in class, you don’t have time to understand and memorize everything. The professor needs to work with many students in the same time, so he can’t explain to you every exercise. Studying on your own means really paying attention to what you read. You will understand everything much better than you did in class.

  • It improves your memory. Your memory is like a muscle; you have to use it if you want it to develop. If you don’t bother to learn or memorize anything, studying will become more and more difficult to you. At some point you will not be capable to understand even the most simple exercise. Like it or not, assignments are really necessary and they will help you in the future. Hard work will bring you success!

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