Helpful Advice On How To Deal With 9th Grade Writing Assignments

One of the first things that you are going to notice when you get into the 9th grade is that you are going to be asked to write using different writing skills, In the 9th Grade you will be learning:

  • to write for different audiences
  • to write for different purposes
  • to produce error free essays
  • to write with clarity
  • to demonstrate the correct use of standard English
  • to portray a well-defined perspective as well as a rational and logical argument.

The important thing here is to note that there is process to follow and that it is not expected that you have all of these skills right on your first day of the 9th Grade.

  • Pre-Writing. This is how you develop your ideas. This could be through using Brain storming techniques, discussion, spreadsheets, diagrams etc. at this point you will be trying to place your ideas in a logical progression that you audience can easily follow.
  • Drafting: You may not have had the chance to use this skill much previously. By producing a draft you can focus on the language that you are going to use for the appropriate audience. The drafting process will also help you to focus on the content as well as your own personal style.
  • Revising: This can sometimes seem as chore. It would have been much more of a chore before we used word processor. This is not so much of a chore now and as your skills progress you will find that it is second nature to continually revise your work.
  • Editing: This can be more time consuming than you think. You will need to be aware of sentence structure, basic proofreading skills using referencing materials. Again you will not be expected to have complete mastery of these skills to begin with.
  • Publishing: This is about using the correct publishing format for the work. Publishing means more than just a producing a document, it means then ability to use design techniques, multi-media, drawings, charts and graphs.
  • As well as these skills there will be a focus on improving skills in the following writing forms.

    • Narrative and creative writing, which will include work on strategies, sequencing, development of ideas and dialogue.
    • Analytical Essays. These essays will focus on cause and effects, providing evidence to support a thesis, specific detail and use of technical terms.
    • Persuasive essays. Working on the ability to defend the position of an argument by clarifying and defending the reason for supporting a theory.
    • Response to Literature. This is the chance to show that you have gained insight and additional learning through reading significant texts or books (referencing).
    • Business Documents. An array of different work-related documents such as emails, memos, cover letters etc.

    The most important aspect to focus on is what they assignment is actually asking you to do and how it fits in with what you already know and have been taught to do.

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