What To Do If You Cannot Get Motivated To Do Homework: Good Advice

From time to time we all lack enthusiasm and motivation to get a piece of work completed and other times if is just plain hard to get started in the first place. Try some of these tips that are based on good advice to get motivated to do homework.

  1. Not sure what to do? If you are not sure what to do, indecision can cause a big block to motivation and progress. Good advice in this case would be to check the details with your tutor.

  2. Still not sure? Look on line at some homework help websites. They can usually provide you with some examples and good advice to get you started. It’s a good idea to see how other people have tackled a similar problem.

  3. Writer’s Block? Even the most successful and experienced of writers lose motivation at times. Sometimes it’s a good idea to an hour away from the task and do something else, down time can be a good investment of time.

  4. Too tired at the end of a day in school? After a day in a stuffy classroom it can be difficult to get motivated to go home and start working again. Break up your day by going for a swim or spend some time chatting to a friend.

  5. Make a plan. Other times it may be difficult to start on your homework because you are not working to a plan or timetable. Sit down and male a plan, use your time effectively.

  6. Set a timer for a reasonable amount of time, say 30 – 45 minutes and just write or brainstorm some ideas. When the time is up take a 15 minutes read and then look at what you have written you will be surprised!

  7. Think outside the box. When it is difficult to get enthusiastic about homework, it could be because the task is uninspiring. If the focus is changed or you look at it from a different angle then you may easily successfully complete the task.

  8. Schedule in ‘me’ time. Make sure that you take time out from work that has to be completed after school to take part in your hobbies and interest as outside activities will enable you to grow as a person which will reflect in your work.

  9. If you are stuck, ask for advice. You may find that by sharing the difficulties with friends or parents they pass on some ideas of how they coped with similar situations.

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